An open letter to many, including the person who took a dump in view of Albany’s mayor over the weekend

street level view passing by

To the person who took a dump in view of Albany’s mayor and the person who urinated behind City Hall and whoever threw a beer can at Schumer during the recent St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Not. Cool. See what you’ve done: Mayor Sheehan wants to lock down all the festivities.

And Mayor Sheehan, you know when I got “so over” the concept of the entire class getting punished because of one or two clowns? Elementary school.

I am a 41-year-old full-time resident of downtown Albany. I am even a responsible parent. And guess what? I often enjoy a drink outside. I even enjoy most of the revelry that takes place in my neighborhood sometimes 7 days each week. “The scene” is part of the reason people are attracted to downtown living.

I don’t want neighborhood associations to block businesses and bars from coming into the neighborhood. I don’t want the City to crack down on the normal, celebratory vibe we often have. We ought to embrace it. It’s desirable for a city to have life like this downtown.

Yes, some partiers go too far. But that’s not just downtown. That’s everywhere. It’s also not only on Parade Day or during Lark Fest. People drink downtown every day of the week all year long. The appropriate response is to come down on those who abuse it. No one wants our streets to be used as toilets, and no one wants to see objects thrown at people in a parade. Go after those at fault. In the moment.

Don’t change public policy just because some people are assholes, because guess what? Assholes are everywhere; you can’t legislate stupid, as they say. Those who are going to be rowdy aren’t going to follow the rules anyway. It’s the rest of us who suffer.

3 thoughts on “An open letter to many, including the person who took a dump in view of Albany’s mayor over the weekend

  1. Excuse the shit out of me, but there are people in downtown Albany who “take a dump” on the streets downtown everyday. I’ve seen it and instead of bitching about ruining your good time on parade day and your neighborhood party time, think for a minute. Think about their vacant eyes, the humanity lost as something so private is on display not for show, but necessity of that act that they have been diminished to perform publicly.What are you grateful for besides your party town, I can just about guarantee it is not for a toilet!

  2. I never assume. Why would I think any different after reading this article? It generalized all people who must needs do this, as “assholes” ruining party time. This was your article and my reply, I wish you well.

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