Monthly Archives: December 2017

3 more poems inspiring me right now to write / #amreading #amwriting

Nothing’s better than a poem that not only moves you but also inspires you to pick up your own pen and get down to it. So here’s what’s been doing it for me lately: List #2 of 3 poems inspiring me right now to write!

Achieving 2017 poetry goals: What’s your superpower?

It is a victory to dedicate yourself to a creative pursuit that, even though it’s pretty clumsy, makes you feel like the kind of human who can access the deep love in the universe… no matter what conditions are like above ground. It’s like finding — and using — a superpower.

Notes to my future self who feels she can’t write

I’ve been trying to pay attention to my process this month. Clearly, at least so far, I am able to manage a daily writing practice. Why is it that I spend months and months telling myself otherwise?

Poem-a-day challenge: A running commentary

Excerpts/teasers from my December poem-a-day!

The goldfish may or may not be drunk (a poem-a-day writing challenge)

I won’t pretend to understand the science, but Smithsonian Magazine says goldfish make alcohol to survive winter. Seems reasonable enough. I’m all about the spiked eggnog this time of year. But that’s not my only strategy for surviving winter.