tupelo press 30/30 project: day 06

it’s possible that i’m thinking too much: it’s been known to happen. even still, i got out of today’s draft at least a few phrases i like — and they came after i let myself be playful. i have the most fun when i start with play earlier in the process, but every day is different!

tupelo press 30/30 project: day 03

i am still working in the modern sonnet form: 14 lines. today, although there’s internal rhyme, i let the end rhyme go. writing daily, things tend to fall away. and not just things like rhyme: eventually, guardedness, as well. for now, i am still self-conscious about cliche and the inadvisability of using the word “love” alongside stuff about the heart, of being too sentimental, of attempting to weave anatomy and comets and romance.