In the Pockets of Small Gods by Anis Mojgani

“inside me the cicadas lift”

IN THE POCKETS OF SMALL GODS by ANIS JOJGANI / What haunts me about this book is how closely it captures a sense of our own culpability in the losses that hurt us most… and how the truth/fiction of that culpability isn’t the point. It doesn’t matter what we did/didn’t do. What we must sort out is “What matters now?

the octopus museum by brenda shaughnessy

“once this way’s gone”

THE OCTOPUS MUSEUM by BRENDA SHAUNESSY / I love apocalyptic stories/series, with special affection for the mythology they create. The Octopus Museum checked that box, and I enjoyed the peek inside Shaunessy’s portrayal of the dire world we could be marching toward.