there’s a hell / of a good universe next door, let’s go — e.e. cummings

“good universe next door” is from the last line of e.e. cummings‘ poem xiv (pity this busy monster, manunkind). I’ve co-opted it for the title of my blog not only because I love the line break after “there’s a hell” but also because a good (new) universe represents where I stand. And not by accident.

This universe (blog) (life) is next door to the old one. (If you read the entire poem xiv, you’ll understand it’s an inhospitable place due to man’s misappropriations.) Cummings ends the poem by saying, “let’s go.” And I did. I took the leap. I jumped. I fell. Or, I landed. In this spot. A brand new life. Carolee 2.0. And it’s beautiful here. Yes: I still struggle with many things. But it is good, good, good.

cumming’s intent with the poem — which seems to me to question the idea of society/progress (capitalism?) — also resonates with me. we’re busting our asses to get where, exactly?

clay dragon2

In 2012, after a 2-month absence from the blog that had been my “home” for three years and nearly 500 posts, I admitted defeat with it and created this space. The previous blog had been a productive creative outlet for me most of the time, but it was too closely associated with my married name, and I moved on. The focus of *this* space is similar to the old one — poetry, place, the creative life, relationships. Previous blogs/websites (a.k.a. a long trail of restlessness) include: caroleesherwood | a fine kettle of fish | big tent poetry | i am maureen | read write poem.

All photos used in my posts are mine, unless otherwise noted/credited. The one above is a photo of the dragon my youngest son made out of clay when he was tiny. It guards the wine.

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