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Inspiration for poems: The poetry of outer space

Outer space, spinning, breath. It’s poetry all on its own without us having to do a thing, but of course we can’t help ourselves. “The universe” — the literal universe — isn’t easy to write about, but it always delights me to attempt it (or at least work it into something).

Elvis may or may not be in the building

I’m a known sucker for writing prompts and packaging and all things campy/kitschy. The online advent calendar of poetry prompts from Two Sylvias Press saw me coming a mile away.

lists (& poems) (& what ray bradbury says)

with a couple successful recent poems, i created (or was given) lists and then used the lists as lines/words within the poems. i didn’t realize, until reading this article – ray bradbury on how list-making can boost your creativity – from brain pickings, how/why that actually works. bradbury knows, and lists are tools he relied on.

a (growing) list of links to sites with poetry prompts

included here are not only sites specifically designed to provide prompts, but also sites with writing challenges (like poem-a-days) that provide and archive prompts specifically for their challenges…