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a (growing) list of links to sites with poetry prompts

included here are not only sites specifically designed to provide prompts, but also sites with writing challenges (like poem-a-days) that provide and archive prompts specifically for their challenges…

napowrimo day 10: blog post

a wet and cold evening. the boys played lacrosse in the rain. drenched and muddy, they filled up my car with quite the distinct aroma of boy sweat. and i couldn’t have been happier.

napowrimo day 9: blog post

i took this picture yesterday in the plaza where i was running some laps. just a couple blocks from my apartment, it’s one of my favorite places to run through, and i include it on my route a couple times a week. it’s a reminder to me of all the changes i’ve made.

napowrimo day 8: blog post

yesterday, my 11-year-old announced he was going to change his name to morgan freeman. i would be ok with that, except…

napowrimo day 7: blog post

despite a windy couple weeks, we can feel the sun now. and i couldn’t be happier about that.

napowrimo day 6: blog post

one of the true pleasures in life is to look forward to a book and have it be worthy of the anticipation. and it’s extra special when the content resonates so amazingly you can scream, yes! yes! yes! (a la sally in the fake orgasm in a diner scene in when harry met sally).

napowrimo day 5: blog post

we grow tired of having nothing to tend. we dream of flower beds and vegetable gardens. we wait for the first signals that it’s ok to care as deeply as we do.