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Astronomers are terrific at explaining things

My question for Nicholson was, when it’s time to steer Cassini straight into Saturn, will you feel sad? Will you miss it? Leave it to a poet to want to understand the depth of our attachments.

That time I broke the rules

It’s been a while since I’ve written online and in public, and I have no idea what the hell is going on in this draft.

Where I am and other false notions

Since I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t talked here about my most recent move: in August, I left Lark Street and moved back to the rural town where my sons go to school. I miss downtown Albany something awful, but as the boys have been getting older (funny how that happens! LOL), it started getting […]
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napowrimo day 10: blog post

a wet and cold evening. the boys played lacrosse in the rain. drenched and muddy, they filled up my car with quite the distinct aroma of boy sweat. and i couldn’t have been happier.

napowrimo day 8: blog post

yesterday, my 11-year-old announced he was going to change his name to morgan freeman. i would be ok with that, except…

napowrimo day 3: blog post

attention, grown-ups: we need to play more. we need to be silly. we need to goof-off. we need to stop censoring ourselves so much.

one strange and wonderful pizza, one normal night

the pizza was strange and wonderful and delicious. though i’ll make a few tweaks on it the next time around, what doesn’t need anything different at all is this evening.