Van Gogh painting sunflowers by paul gauguin

The young Van Gogh didn’t quit

The Fast Company article says creative folks need three kinds of creative circles — a scene, a network and a community. No matter how you label your support system, I believe in what he has to say. I do think relationships balance out the solitary, internal work we’re called to do.

Where I am and other false notions

Downtown was sexy and lively; this new place has a different kind of beauty. It’s a beauty I’m still figuring out, but it seems to be the beauty of breath and light, the beauty that snags your attention not to pull you along but to leave you right where you are: standing still and seeing.

When the Scrabble tiles give you lemons

… make lemonade!! to be honest, there really haven’t been too many lemons as of late, but that hasn’t stopped me from making lemonade just the same! in fact, i’ve been so busy with so many good things that i walked away from this blog for a bit. but i’m coming back next week with a new post and some new plans!