Be Recorder by Carmen Gimenez Smith

“a life affected marginally by Star Wars”

I’ve struggled to write about the political times we live in. Although I rant on Twitter and retweet other people’s clever or biting tweets about the scandals/horrors/injustice/harms/etc/etc like a mad woman, I can’t get there in my own writing. In contrast, this collection will prove to be an important record (I mean, it’s in the title) of this moment in time.

In the Pockets of Small Gods by Anis Mojgani

“inside me the cicadas lift”

What haunts me about this book is how closely it captures a sense of our own culpability in the losses that hurt us most… and how the truth/fiction of that culpability isn’t the point. It doesn’t matter what we did/didn’t do. What we must sort out is “What matters now?

the octopus museum by brenda shaughnessy

“once this way’s gone”

I love apocalyptic stories/series, with special affection for the mythology they create. The Octopus Museum checked that box, and I enjoyed the peek inside Shaunessy’s portrayal of the dire world we could be marching toward.

reclaiming eat, pray, love

Part of the agitation I’ve been feeling comes from failure to be disciplined, inability to see a path or progress and a tendency to go to extremes. It’s not that I want to reign anything in, but I do want to be more aware and purposeful. So finding that poster gave me an idea: look at the three experiences (eat, pray, love) as a useful organizing principle for that effort.