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Will any of our voices matter?

If I define legitimacy as believing in my voice and the creative work regardless of permissions (in other words: *I* say it’s important; *I* say it has value), I can muster the wind.

My scream, branching like fire

Dear Ren, Some people talk to themselves (in their heads, out loud or in journals). Some people pray. Maybe this (blogging) is what we do.

The young Van Gogh didn’t quit

The Fast Company article says creative folks need three kinds of creative circles — a scene, a network and a community. No matter how you label your support system, I believe in what he has to say. I do think relationships balance out the solitary, internal work we’re called to do.

What are you going to do today, Napolean?

This blog post isn’t the product of me berating myself because I’d abandoned the damn thing for too long. It isn’t the product of me saying, “Well, Carolee, you know you should…” Instead, it’s the result of being inspired by what I’m hearing around me.

Why I said “no” to the New York Times and “yes” to the Albany Times Union

recently, i received inquiries from the new york times (fun!) and the albany times union, for example. i turned down the nyt request and said “yes” to the tu. why’d i do that? (it’s not what it seems, of course.)

national poetry month: on blogging

even though i’ve been stuck like this for months (nearly 2 years?), i haven’t been willing or able to throw myself back in. i write little bits — a few poems a month, a blog post here and there — but i never have momentum.