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Response to @notajournal’s poetry prompt #1

As you may have heard, I’ve started a new prompt-site/poetry journal, and I’m planning (when possible) to write along with the community of poets that evolves there. This is my response to the site’s first prompt: write a poem about the first animal you see today (using 14 lines and not mentioning the animal). I […]
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lists (& poems) (& what ray bradbury says)

with a couple successful recent poems, i created (or was given) lists and then used the lists as lines/words within the poems. i didn’t realize, until reading this article – ray bradbury on how list-making can boost your creativity – from brain pickings, how/why that actually works. bradbury knows, and lists are tools he relied on.

a (growing) list of links to sites with poetry prompts

included here are not only sites specifically designed to provide prompts, but also sites with writing challenges (like poem-a-days) that provide and archive prompts specifically for their challenges…

november, a strange light

the light is going, and it feels lousy. there’s also another quality to its departure: a strange frenzy. i don’t really know how else to describe it. it’s not the soggy leaves in quiet piles i’m talking about. november feels like the crisp ones that race the wind. they never seem to stop moving. they’ll never be caught. and i’ll never catch up.