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i won’t be able to see the transit of venus today. even though there are breaks in the clouds, they are too persistent. or i am too impatient. like many writers/poets, i imagine it will make its way into a poem. but for me, that won’t happen today. how about i commit to writing it sometime between now and when the celestial event comes ’round again in about 117 years?

* * *

today was the first pick-up for the Roxbury CSA. i’m splitting a share with a woman i didn’t know before the farm matched us up. we received radishes, turnip, red leaf lettuce, kale, broccoli rabe, kohlrabi, tatsoi, cilantro and yellow squash. i don’t know what to do with all of it, but i know enough to tell that they are blessings. not only how they were grown and cared for, but also the community mechanism for getting them to my table. and if i do my job and enjoy them, i know they’ll help me care for my body. it just feels good.

* * *

i pulled away over the weekend when my boyfriend tugged a little at the collar of my sweater. when my ex used to do something like that it was to point out a blemish on my skin or a fault with my clothes. it always felt like some sort of inspection that i was failing, and i learned to recoil. since we haven’t been living together, it hasn’t happened in ages, and yet i reacted the same way. an instinct. but as it turned out, the BF was moving my collar so he could kiss the back of my neck.

this new world has a new set of rules, i guess. not all my old defenses are going to be necessary. even the good things take some getting used to.


  1. I didn’t manage to see the transit of Venus either – we had a huge snowstorm instead. Winter is starting early here this year.

  2. Same issue with the clouds (since I’m not far from you, we probably had the same storm roll in), but then again, the transit was too tiny to see with the naked eye anyway. Still cool to be present with it, though.

    You have three juicy bits of image and sensibility in this post. I demand a poem! Put it together like a homemade pie. 🙂

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