kale & kohlrabi: alliteration CSA style

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sadly, last week, something happened to the dial in my fridge. got turned waaaaaay too cold. the boys deny playing with it, and i suppose i could have bumped it myself. but i was sad to lose the veggies from the bonus week of my CSA. but tuesday was the first official pick-up, and my re-adjusted fridge temp seems just right.

so far, i have used all my kohlrabi, kale and chinese cabbage. i made sauteed kale with kohlrabi (lime zest, lime juice, garlic, olive oil, pistachios) and chinese cabbage tofu soup. the sauteed kale with kohlrabi is absolutely delicious. tasty in that way something’s tasty if you feel like you could eat it every day. the chinese cabbage tofu soup is also good (though not great). i would make it again, though i wouldn’t subject company to it, and i think it needs some modifications (i added tobasco at work today, for example, when i warmed it up). but also, it’s coloring needs a boost. everything’s too pale in it.

i’ve long said that the glorious cookbooks on my fridge are aspirational. i’m often convinced that the right recipe will change my life, turn me into someone who cooks. i’m a little high on that idea today after eating all day what i cooked last night. as far as i know, i haven’t poisoned myself, and it’s fairly clear: homemade — even my homemade — is simply fresher and more flavorful.

i know i can’t commit to a crazy pace of making things from scratch instead of quick-fixes or take-out or eating out — but i hope the summer and all these CSA veggies leads me to a better track record than i’ve had in recent years.

i also hope the effort inspires more than a few poems, but right now, i’m just trying to manage the lack of space in my fridge and the abundance of dirty dishes in my sink!


  1. “Kohl slaw” —
    shredded cabbage, thin-sliced/julienned kohlrabi, same with radishes, minced garlic, ground pepper, dressing: (3 to 1 olive oil to champagne wine vinegar (or lemon or lime juice), salt, pepper, dry mustard, cayenne, garlic clove).

    1. “yay,” he says from a safe distance away. (a full continent ought to be enough to spare him the task of sampling anything labeled ‘carolee’s cooking’)

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