poetry road trip to see marie gauthier read at berkshire wordfest

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jill and i traveled an hour or so to lenox, massachusetts, to see marie read her wonderful poetry. she had the high noon spot today as part of berkshire wordfest, hosted by the mount, edith wharton’s house. it’s an annual festival, and though we were there only briefly, it’s clear they do a great job. and what a contrast in settings from yesterday: 80,000 people downtown, on my street, for lark fest. and today, this proper, quiet estate in the midst of the wilderness.

marie’s reading was wonderful, of course. she read some poems about being a mom, and she read a series of poems about her mom’s illness and death. marie lost her mom to cancer like i did, and i find her poems about it to be as honest and beautiful as any i’ve heard.

after the reading, we visited with marie over lunch. we are three busy moms who take time out for poetry. we’ve known marie through blogging for a number of years, and we’ve had the good luck to spend time together outside the blogosphere. what a crew that is: blogging poets who’ve met in real life and *still* like one another!

so glad the stars were aligned for the poetry road trip — and i could tell you what jill and i talked about in the car to and from, but then i’d have to kill you. seriously.



  1. It was such a happy surprise to see you! Thank you for coming & being your supportive & lovely selves. It’s always so so good to spend time with you, wish we managed it more often. xo

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