i can do more than i think i can

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lately when people ask me what i like about running, i’ve been leading with this: it helps me practice positive self talk. in no other aspect of my life, am i able to cheer myself on as reliably as when it’s me vs. the road. today, i ran a half marathon with one of my besties, and we killed it — despite pouring rain!

i’d been discouraged by my training over the summer. twice, i took about 2 1/2 weeks off. and i’d only managed 4 or 5 “long” runs leading up to the half (a 7 point something, an 8, a 9 1/2 and an 11. 25). running this summer was very difficult — so hot and humid. my 9.5 was mediocre, and even though my 11.25 was pretty awesome, i was worried. i thought i had let myself down by not following through exactly as i’d planned.

but today was race day, and as i said in the beginning, i’m so happy with how i did. i need to learn from it — #1) give myself credit for what i do (from my disappointment with my training, i nearly quit. that’s silly. things are still worth doing even if i’m less than perfect) and #2) challenge myself more and more. i can do more than i think i can. i’m the one who holds me back.

i also definitely would have bailed along the way — either during training or facing a rainy forecast — if it weren’t for the inspiration and accountability from my friend. there’s a lesson there, too. i’m learning not to waste time on the crazies and to invest my energies in people and activities that pump me up.


  1. Way to go, Carolee! Finishing, whether you hit a time goal you have set or not, is more than most people do. I have been down on myself for struggling through my last few long runs in preparation for a half marathon in New Orleans late in October. You remind me to give myself credit for getting out there and doing it in the first place!

  2. if todays post was a reply to my poet-tree invitation,two metaphors came to the fore; 1st time I’ve expierenced a literary polemic 2nd ,I’ve been in firefights before, I certianly didn’t intend to make you feel threatened .its funn if you’d give it a chance

  3. You know, I think about running 1 mile and I get the shudders, so when I see numbers creep into the double-digits, I am duly impressed and doubly horrified. 🙂 Congrats, though! I think the lessons you’ve pulled out of the experience are spot-on.

    1. thanks, joseph! i *do* tend to horrify people. 😉 but i do like running & it’s good for more than just my body. helps keep anxiety at bay and reminds me about staying positive and working toward goals!!

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