tupelo press 30/30 project: day 08

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today’s poem for the tupelo 30/30 project is another sonnet-type object (14 lines again, no rhyme scheme). it feels better than yesterday’s piece, which felt like cheating, though in reading it again, i did see some lines in it i might play with later on. neither piece fulfilled the plan i had for the weekend poems. i intended to write the sonnets during the week and then on the weekend: ekphrasis, found poems, pieces with fragments. when will i learn to stop trying to tell the poems what to do? i have a feeling there’s something in the sonnet form for me — right now it’s just energy, but the container may prove to carry with it more than that. we’ll see. for now? just playful drafts.

and here’s a preview of today’s poem called, for now, “december sonnet #7: does any of this make sense to you?”

In the forest, crouched beneath a tree: I decide to let grief in.
It’s trailed after long enough, sulked outside the door, while I
took all my anger out in the bedroom. The trees reach all the way up,
easy to believe stars hang from branches for the holiday, by design
and on schedule. Now the wolf — she is everything …

go to the project’s web page for the rest and for all the day 8 poems!

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