So this happened…

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I opted for couch potato this fall instead of go-getter. It is, of course, the Carolee version of couch potato: work full-time, race around for the boys’ activities (typically 3-4 team sports each season plus band) and run 40-50 miles/month. What I mean is I let all projects slide after finishing my MFA. I needed some rest. My brain hurt. The creative work had become a chore.

I’m generally opposed to rest. It makes me feel fat and lazy. But I have to say it worked. I am ready ready ready to go on a bunch of projects I outlined in August (plus one or two more).

First, however, there are gifts to give, cookies to eat and puppies to snuggle.

Happy Holidays. See you in 2016. With bells on, as my grandmother used to say. What does that even mean?

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