my word for 2018 is FUEL

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Last year’s word was PRACTICE, used as a noun: a habit you repeat to develop muscles for activities where you’d like to excel. Practice as in discipline. Practice as in consistency. I chose the word because it isn’t my strong-suit, and I wanted to do better. And I was able to establish and keep a really good groove with my writing goals. For example, I was persistent and fairly regular with revising and submitting, and I kept writing and writing life “top of mind,” as we say in the marketing world. I got a lot done.

Where I fell down (lots) was emotionally and physically. I did not take good care of myself, failing at things like exercise and diet (allowing waaaaaay too much splurging into what’s otherwise a fish plus veggies diet). I was letting myself off the hook way to much and gained weight. Partly due to that and partly due to the political climate, my mental health kept getting kicked in the teeth.

Knowing all of this, I got fairly quiet this fall and spent some time inside my head. It’s not fun for me to be there (and not fun for those around me because I tend to disappear), but it is almost always productive. I spent the time listening to what I wanted and why. I work hard, and I pay attention. I need to point that in the right direction… to include not just writing/poetry but also diet and fitness.

Hence “fuel” as my word for 2018. I want to fuel my mind and my body. I want to create energy instead of allowing it to drain out. So that’s my focus for 2018: behaviors and decisions that fuel me, that move me forward. Some specifics to follow!

FYI, here are past years’ words:
2016: THRIVE

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Also, in case you haven’t heard, the band’s back together!! There’s a coordinated resurgence of poetry blogs. You can visit Donna Vorreyer’s blog for a Revival Tour list. (You can also consult my “nearby universes” blogroll. Most of those listed are participating — or are otherwise just worth a read! Scroll all the way down… bottom left!)


  1. Carolee, It’s so, so good to get back to reading blogs I followed many years ago, and I’m glad to read of you at it, seriously at it.

  2. I’m so excited about this. You got me thinking with your posts back in November how much I missed the blog and the wider network of blogger poets. So excited this is happening. Cheers to you and a happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year, Carolee! I am looking forward to continued discussions with you – a more open and a more narrow forum. Here’s to Fuel! Let’s do this, this year!

    1. yes, so glad you’re here. our 2017 correspondence was so important to me even though i fell off after 4 or 5 rounds. i continued the conversation/thinking but took it more internal, i guess. xo

  4. Fuel is a great word and concept. Enjoyed reading this. I’m in the poetry blog resurgence, too, (although I haven’t stopped since 2007!) and am adding you to my poet blogger blog roll. I’ll be back. 👍

  5. Hi Carolee. It seems like pre FB days, to be back together. The community of poets from ReadWritePoem and other forums inspired me to write and share poetry. I missed the group, glad we are back. I have resolved to write at least one poem a week, and look forward to reading yours. Happy 2018 to you and to all the poets.

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