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lots of bloggers understandably get excited by the amount of traffic they receive. if my blog had traffic, i would probably get excited, too. instead, it’s strange little things that make me happy, a few very telling anecdotes that provide some order amid the chaos.

take, for instance, the day people believed i’d written something bad about my ex in this post: with apologies to the dalai lama. curiosity (i am fine with all but the mean-spirited kind) caused quite an erection in my day-to-day stats, as you can see by the screen capture from my stats dashboard. it’s what no erection wants to be: cute and funny.

figure a: site visits 6/30-7/4

as delightful as all some erections are, no dorky stat thrills this blogger more than the search terms used to find me. here’s a list of top searches to date:

as you can see, my poem about turning 40 gets lots of action. my favorite search terms related to the birthday poem (they don’t show up here, but are farther down the list): “ladies turning forty birthday poem” and “a nice spiritual birthday poem for a lady turning forty.” i doubt the post matched the expectation of that last Google-r.

i also love that someone used “things to bring to washington park playhouse” (related to summer evening in washington park), but the best search term used to find good universe next door has to be this one: “starting over is a good thing.”

this is as much fun as a poet-blogger can have with math. 🙂


  1. Quizzical at best reasoned root. As much as I try to suggest creative challenging prompts, you know the one that got unreasonably generous response? Done with a few last minutes deadline – write a poem with exactly 12 words. Go figure numerology indeed! (Although I guess some unknown reason become known might be far more boring than the mystery is!) (Or would a 13 word prompt be daring fate or gravity?) 🙂

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