tupelo press 30/30 project: day 02

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as you know from yesterday’s post about tupelo’s 30/30 project, i’m writing a poem-a-day to help tupelo with some fundraising. and isn’t today’s poem — “december sonnet #2: may your penis hurt when you make love” — worth a donation based on the title alone?! (if you do donate, please put ‘carolee’ in the honor/message fields so they’ll know you liked the penis curse poem, ha ha.) you can find the poem, along with other day 2 poems from my co-conspirators, at the 30/30 project’s web page.

like yesterday, i attempted a modern sonnet (14 lines with some kind of rhyme). here’s a preview:

If not anger: what, exactly? And when it persists?
Excess, damage. Like cheap, plump poultry, for instance.
Like messy breakups. The Earth can only take
so much! May your penis hurt when you make
love. …

according to 17 bizarre sex facts you probably didn’t know (the huffington post), “may your penis hurt when you make love” is an inscription found in 2008 by archaeologists in cyprus on a 7th-century lead tablet. i found it via a google search for something totally inappropriate, of course, but what a gem! in addition, the poem contains a couple of phrases from a spam email i cleaned out of a blog filter earlier today. it began, “when i on track my messy breakup with cheap chicken.” I borrowed a version of that, as well as other phrases/words, including “persists,” “trim away obvious clumps of fat,” “what exactly,” “extended manufacturer’s assurance” and “approval by steering committee.” you can decide what kind of karma is at work in the creation of the poem: maybe spammers end up with pain where it’s most troublesome? you’re welcome! 😉

in the process, i ended up trying to combine some ecological, economical and political topics with personal devastation. all that’s too much to chew for a “real” poem, let alone a draft for a project like this. but hey: go big or go home. it’s only day 2. can’t go home yet.

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