tupelo press 30/30 project: day 03

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three in a row for the tupelo 30/30 project !! you can find my day 3 poem, along with other day 3 poems from my co-conspirators, at the 30/30 project’s web page.

yesterday’s poem: some anger, a curse upon a penis. today’s poem: something with less edge.

here’s a preview; it opens:

i name every injury like it was a comet:
what hurts. who did. when likely again. love –

like yesterday’s poem, i pulled pieces in from other sources. i borrowed a first line from corey van landingham’s poem “the louse” which appears in his collection antidote. i used heart facts from PBS/NOVA, and comet stats from universetoday.com and fallofathousandsuns.com. the epigraph is also from fallofathousandsuns.

i am still working in the modern sonnet form: 14 lines. today, although there’s internal rhyme, i let the end rhyme go. writing daily, things tend to fall away. and not just things like rhyme: eventually, guardedness, as well. for now, i am still self-conscious about cliche and the inadvisability of using the word “love” alongside stuff about the heart, of being too sentimental, of attempting to weave anatomy and comets and romance.

a note: in my haste to do a quick read/edit before sending the draft to tupelo, i left out a few words, which made one of the numbers wrong. the correct stat is three times “per minute.” your heart circulates blood through your entire body three times each minute.

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