tupelo press 30/30 project: day 10

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i really sweated it out today trying to get a poem for day 10 of tupelo press’ 30/30 poetry project. oy. i definitely bit off more than i could chew.

i was intrigued by the tower tarot card, and tried to write about it, but i struggled to get out of the abstract. it happens. i was stubborn and couldn’t let it go, couldn’t move in another direction. that also happens. but i’m glad i found some of the images i found, and i was surprised by a few turns the poem took.

today’s poem is called “the tower tarot,” and it takes a break from the sonnet form i’ve been working in. here’s a preview:

in the event’s retelling, of course, there’ll be a thousand
versions of the fall. and what of them? you’ll survive each,
as did eve. and hester. over drinks, they’ll confess
what most renditions don’t want you to know:
exhilaration, desir
e – not only edible, but indelible.
a, as you know, isn’t for albatross. what hangs is
apple, apple, apple, tart string of red pearls at your neck.

see what other trouble i got into with the piece — and read the other day 10 poems — at the project’s web page!

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