tupelo press 30/30 poetry project: day 11

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wow — it’s day 11 for the tupelo 30/30 poetry project? it’s all a blur! i have no idea what i’ve written so far, and i’m guessing that’s a good thing: write ’em and let ’em go ’til the month’s over!

my offering for today is another sonnet, the 9th for the month. it’s called “insatiable,” and ironically, it’s got zero smut (you’ll have to check out the poem for day 9 and the poem for day 6 for that). here’s a preview:

you don’t know the half of it. there was a time i could stand / only so much closeness. i mean none, of course. the fish thrashes / at the bottom of the boat, wants to be underwater again, but / that’s just another way to say to the air: stop touching me.

want more #poetry? there’s lots and lots of it, this month alone, here from the tupelo 10!

note: the image in today’s post is a collage i made a long, long time ago.


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