one strange and wonderful pizza, one normal night

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this week was the last for my farm share with the roxbury CSA, and tonight i made a pizza inspired by a recipe in the newsletter. i made the whole wheat crust straight from the recipe and stuck with the butternut squash, garlic and goat cheese it recommended, but i added a little sauteed leek and kale. all the veggies came from the farm, and i’m going to miss them for sure when they run out. it’s been an amazing 24 weeks, and i’ll be signing up again!

the pizza was strange and wonderful and delicious. though i’ll make a few tweaks on it the next time around, what doesn’t need anything different at all is this evening.

it was extremely low key … and lovely. what made it so lovely was how normal it felt. the boys doing their thing around the apartment, coming in and out of the kitchen while i cooked, helping here and there, sneaking brownies, being silly. friends even stopped by for a quick drink and fell easily into our mix.

a lot of days feel like struggles. when one feels good — even if it’s only by being calm and sweet — it’s good to take note. i’m grateful for my boys, my home, good friends, good food. (and it’s not even thanksgiving yet!)


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