napowrimo day 2: blog post

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that’s the feeling we’re after, right? what we’re all after. not like we *can* fly. but like we are flying.

i feel it when i come home to a place i love downtown. i feel it when my boys come in the door. i feel it when i write a poem i’m proud of. i feel it when i laugh with friends. i feel it when i see my someone special looking back at me. and while these are all blessings, they’re things that i have made possible, things i have struggled to create, things i have opened myself up to. and i feel lifted by all of it.

still, it takes courage to be up so high.

but look at that face. it’s livin’ in the moment. in the plaza. in the wind. in the sun. in the i-have-everything-i-need-right-now.

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